Diseño y fabricación de Alta Joyería

Design and manufacture of high jewelry

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Jesús Márquez - Marquez Jewels - Alta Joyería

Our goal is to provide a complete service that encompasses the work of digital design to the full conception of the jewel.

Our team is made up of excellent professionals in the area of 3D jewelry design, jewelers with extensive experience in the field, setters and specialized technicians in the area, which allows us to provide our clients with the following services:

marquez-icono-favico-M-logo Custom Jewelry Design

marquez-icono-favico-M-logo 3D Design and Prototyping with the latest technology equipment. (Resin and Wax)

marquez-icono-favico-M-logo High-quality casting and review.

marquez-icono-favico-M-logo Welding, cutting, and laser engraving.

marquez-icono-favico-M-logo Rhodium and gold-plated.

marquez-icono-favico-M-logo Online coverage services.

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Custom Jewels

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3D Design

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3D Prototyped

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Laser Welding

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Laser Engraving

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Rhodium and plates

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Jewel Repair

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