Diseño y fabricación de Alta Joyería

Design and manufacture of high jewelry


Our History

Our founder Jesús Márquez began in the jewelry’s world at a very early age in his native country Venezuela, prompted by a desire to succeed, he decided in 1999 to settle in Madrid-Spain, where he obtained several work opportunities, experiences, and relationships with great personalities and companies in the jewelry sector in which he accumulates more than 20 years of experience.


What we do?

Custom Jewels

We create unique pieces according to the wishes of our clients, always guided by our experts to guarantee a good development of the piece.

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3D Design

In Márquez Jewels we make designs and models of high jewelry by computer.

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3D Prototyped

We offer 3D printing services with superior precision, with details of ultra-fine characteristics and smooth surface finishes.

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At Márquez Jewels we use high-technology machinery to obtain the highest quality in our casting, we work with automatic smelters with an atmosphere controlled by inert gas pressure.

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Laser Welding

We have laser technology that allows us to perfectly control the welding in smalls or more delicate parts of the jewel, resulting in a maximum precision finishing without changing the properties of the material.

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Engarving and Laser Cutting

We have the latest laser technology in marking, engraving, and cutting equipment. Our machinery is specialized to work jewelry pieces.

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Gems have been used for thousands of years in jewelry pieces; its appreciation and concept is associated with value and social status.

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Rhodium and Plates

The electrolytic bath process is widely implemented in the final finishing of the pieces, the most used being: rhodium, gold, and silver plating.

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Jewel Repair

At Márquez Jewels we work to extend the life of those precious jewels that you want to preserve and renew.

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